At Strategy Learning Center we exists to globally ignite, equip, and launch the next wave of young female leaders into the world with modern and interactive mobile and fixed platforms!

Strategy Learning Center is a worldwide movement that supports young women’s efforts to strategically define what they want in their lives. Our aim is that every young girl and woman who engages with one or more of our interactive platforms strategically goes out into the world and achieves their goals for maximum personal and global impact.

Our mission is to equip girls and young women to secure economic self-reliance, equality, power, and civil rights through the demonstration of modern and engaging activity.

Our vision is to be a catalyst for change globally and one of the best human service organizations. We also aim to be the provider of choice for our customers, the employer of choice for our co-workers, the investment of choice for our corporate, government and philanthropic partners and a model of integrity and excellence for a worldwide community-based organization.

We value integrity, innovation, impact, passion, commitment, empowerment, and excellence!

1. Globally mobilize 50 million empowered girls and young women for social transformation by 2040: investing in communities worldwide and changing lives in the areas of education, jobs, housing, and health of young women
2. Ensure that everywhere we are operational, we permeate and change the atmosphere- people and systems
3. Develop unique Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

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