Management training and consulting

Strategy Learning Center is also an international management training and consulting firm. One of the company’s core mission is to increase organizational performance through leadership consulting. Currently the company provides leadership training and consulting in coordination with a vast majority companies in many varying industries. The three pillars on which the company stands are Building Leadership Capacity, Cultivating Leadership Bench Strength, and Leading Organizational Change.

Building leadership capacity focuses on increasing employee passion, customer devotion, and organizational vitality through creating effective leaders in the workplace. The implication of this, and the ultimate goal of building leadership capacity, is to allow organizations to create results-oriented, people-focused leaders who improve performance, increase retention and morale, and deliver bottom-line results.

Cultivating leadership strength differs from building leadership capacity insofar as it is an inside-out approach to help individuals understand themselves so they can become effective leaders. The premise of this mission is that by mentoring high-potential talent and giving them the resources to grow into competent and confident managers, firms will seed the pipeline for organizational growth.

The last of the three pillars, leading organizational change, focuses on sharpening the operational strategy, process, and communications of clientele firms. Strategy Learning Center handles changes in management due to reorganizations, new executive appointments, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and alike. We also addresses and consults on critical issues and necessities during each phase of a firm’s organization change

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