A leading psychologist, Anders Ericsson, says that there is only one way for a person to become the best in their field.

In general, according to Ericsson, deliberate practice involves stepping outside your comfort zone and trying activities beyond your current abilities. While repeating a skill you’ve already mastered might be satisfying, it’s not enough to help you get better. Moreover, simply wanting to improve isn’t enough – people also need well-defined goals and the help of a teacher who makes a plan for achieving them.

Strategy Learning Center aims to bring about systemic change by teaching girls and young women how to cultivate opportunity in every area of their lives.

Ultimately because most people who win in life, school and business do so because they are strategic in achieving their goals.

The Strategy Learning Center exists to engage people from all walks of life and empower them to become more strategic and impactful since:-

    • A strategic playbook makes all the difference in the likelihood of success
    • When a person understands their strengths and weaknesses as well as those of their competitors this allows them to operate more consistently from a position of confidence and not fear
    • Success is often dependent on the right thing happening at the right time
    • Synergy yields more results
    • Success breeds success
    • A plan to win in whichever arena a person chooses to win is more likely to result in strategic and tactical victory
    • And perhaps the most important lesson in strategy is: You have to believe in yourself                                                                                                    





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