Billionaire Board Game

What’s your GAME PLAN?

Billionaire Board Game is a strategy manual for personal development, leadership, business management and finance. BBG can be read in an afternoon and starts with a simple parable called Maze of Life.

A theme that runs throughout the book is the idea that an individual can decide what they are going to be, who they are going to be, how they are going to do it and from that point follow a Method in order to dominate in their chosen field. The book also teaches readers how to build real domains and not just online domains by first conquering themselves before conquering the world around them for true impact.

Each chapter reveals short insightful truths that relate to the introductory parable and invites the reader to see how they can enjoy everyday life by effectively strategizing for a good career, business, a successful relationship, wealth, fitness and inner peace. BBG ultimately creates discussion at to whether it is possible to become a Billionaire Board Gamer and challenges the reader to define for themselves what success means to them.

BBG fills a need in the market place for a non-fiction with a distinct parable and an altogether unique manual for how to enjoy everyday life. The book is also a quick and uncomplicated read, allows the reader to apply the teachings to their current circumstance and is written with an authentic voice by Amanda Clinton.



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