Strategy Learning Center will empower communities and change the lives of girls and young women in the areas of education, jobs, housing, and health. These sustained behavioral changes will be measured according to the following barometers:-

  1. Observation of a change or difference in the population of interest
  2. Correlation between exposure to the intervention and the intended outcome
  3. Evidence that exposure to the intervention occurred before change in the outcome
  4. Control or removal of confounding factors (or spurious effects).

Ultimately we hope to sow seeds of hope and perseverance that anchors young women throughout their lives whilst developing their confidence, offering them positive experiences and a network of Zoeians (fellow Zealous, Organized, and Entrepreneurial young women). Our goal is to challenge the trajectory of young women’s lives with impactful non-religious modern gatherings.

In order to sustain Strategy Learning Center, we will further deliver long-terms solutions on a large scale and actively work towards broadening our access to capital by developing a sustainable list of corporate partners and funders, PPPs, government backed initiatives and rent our facilities when they are not being used by our organization. We will also franchise Strategy Learning Center by having an affiliate program where affiliates can join our network based on certain criteria including a membership fee. We aim to increase the value of the brand with a formidable real estate portfolio and intellectual property.

Strategy Learning Center is committed to creating a financially sustainable movement that will serve as an integral part of our global community for many years to come. Our management team strives to ensure that we create a financially sustainable plan in order to have long term viability. Therefore, we will continue to implement a thorough plan for financial success. We will use grants to supplement programs, but our organization will not be reliant upon grants due to their long-term instability.

We will further sustain the Strategy Learning Center movement with:-

  • Loan guarantees

We will approach foundations that issue loan guarantees, rather than direct funds. Guarantees will allow us to raise money in commercial debt at a low rate, saving us (and our donors) almost millions in interest payments.

  • Quasi-equity debt

Strategy Learning Center will also develop financial vehicles that combine the properties of equity and debt. A quasi-equity debt security will be particularly useful because we are structured as a nonprofit and therefore cannot obtain equity capital. Though such a security is technically a form of debt, it has an important characteristic of an equity investment: Its returns are indexed to our financial performance. Furthermore the terms and conditions of the loan will be designed to give us the management team incentives to operate the organization efficiently. Social investors purchase these securities, which perform the function of equity and make it possible for social enterprises to offer banks and other profit-seeking lenders a competitive investment opportunity.

  • Pooling

Pooling institution can tailor their liabilities to the needs of different kinds of investors.

  • Social impact bonds

The social impact bond helps governments fund infrastructure and services, especially as public budgets are cut and municipal bond markets are stressed. Launched in the UK in 2010, this type of bond is sold to private investors who are paid a return only if the public project succeeds; it allows private investors to do what they do best: take calculated risks in pursuit of profits. The government, for its part, pays a fixed return to investors for verifiable results and keeps any additional savings. This type of bond will aid us when we enter Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) globally.

The Strategy Learning Center is also an international management training and consulting firm. One of the company’s core mission is to increase organizational performance through leadership consulting. The company will provide leadership training and consulting in coordination with a vast majority of companies in many varying industries. The three pillars on which the company stands are Building Leadership Capacity, Cultivating Leadership Bench Strength and Leading Organizational Change.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The number of Strategy Learning Centers in compliance with the conditions of affiliation is increased by 50%
  2. The Strategy Learning Center brand is the global voice, leader, advocate, convenor and go-to organization on girls and young women and across the globe for young women and girls’ leadership
  3. A well-developed sustainability plan supports engagement and growth of the movement through new membership, governance, operating, and revenue models and
  4. Funding mechanisms improved and strengthened
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