We aim to empower young women through modern, memorable and interactive online and in person platforms – education, jobs, housing, and health for young women. We also plan on having original learning platforms;  plan on developing the best free YouTube Chanel for STEM education; a popular downloadable app and positive affirmations Facebook page; invaluable interactive and novel analogy based booklets and group courses (to be utilized mainly at self-organized pop-up locations); workshops; annual drives including a Conference and Cookie Sale fundraiser; career and college preparedness workshops and financial services internship; after school programs for disadvantaged teens, (GCSE, SAT preparation, STEM training etc.); free online educational training worldwide; Z.O.E magazine; cartoon series to raise the profile of the brand; a worldwide organic fast food chain and affordable housing in the form of hostels globally;  transitional housing shelter for homeless youth (franchised), and sale of apparel that is available online.

We aim to increase the value of the brand with a formidable real estate portfolio and intellectual property.

Endeavoring to alleviate global poverty via education, jobs, housing and health will require rolling out large-scale programmes globally. Mobilizing 50 million empowered girls and young women for social transformation by 2040 further requires modern, accessible, mobile and interactive education tools:-

  1. Asset Building Leads to Excellence
  2. Center of Excellence
  3. University Tour Program
  4. Crime Prevention and Intervention
  5. Project EMBRACE
  6. School leads to Progress
  7. Substance Abuse and Prevention Program
  8. The Global Village

We envisage developing a flagship Strategy Learning Center Medical facility to provide access to health care for the uninsured with: round the clock volunteer doctors who also provide video advice worldwide to patients; and have a global outreach program to provide free health care with strategic targets in place. Our ZO.E Meetings will be similar to A.A. meetings but exclusively for girls and young women struggling with addiction. Our resource book will be: ‘Begin Your New Life’ booklet and Creed.

Strategy Learning Center will also be known as ‘The Girl’s Church’ (since church means the gathering of people) and is a non-religious and relational Real Life World Movement where Zoeians [Zealous, Organized and Entrepreneurial young women] can strategize to attain a greater Vision for themselves and a rewarding Destiny.  The Red Cross particularly helped people during a time of war; we hope to help young women today facing a different type of war, inside themselves and the ever changing world around them where they need to know more than ever what their identity is rooted in.

We exist primarily to help disadvantaged young women become economically active by implementing Sustainable Development Goals. Our aim is to be globally impactful, sustainable and the fastest growing modern movement for girls and young women ever – mobilizing 50 million empowered girls and young women for social transformation by 2040 so they not only Survive but Thrive and are equipped with social and educational tools to propel them forward in life. Our ultimate message is that the power inside every individual to transform their lives is greater than the external circumstances that exist in their lives.





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